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Aluminium windows can be a great thing to include in a new build or a nice way to upgrade your existing home or commercial property.

Many people might overlook aluminium frames, but they can be a very effective addition – providing benefits that most people are unaware of.

Not only do they look amazing in homes from all eras of history, but they are a very practical and popular choice for a homeowner who wants to limit maintenance and repair costs. Like any kind of new window, they have their upsides and downsides – but mostly upsides.

We can provide a wide variety of aluminium windows in July 2024, all designed to the highest possible quality standard.

Best Aluminium Windows can help you find the perfect aluminium window frames for your next project, whether a fresh new building or an overhaul of your existing home.

If you want to know more about the window options we have available in Hornchurch, contact us and talk to one of our specialists – or keep reading.

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Who Are We?

We are a team of experienced aluminium window fitters with a long list of experience, as well as many different clients and customers under our belt.

Our past work involved installing aluminium windows into hundreds of properties, often in bespoke or unique ways.

Best Aluminium Windows in Hornchurch

The new aluminium windows we install on each property in Hornchurch are chosen to match the client’s needs, whether that means certain aluminium window styles or specific aluminium frame sizes.

We build strong relationships with our clients so that we can help them with future projects too!

Like all proud window fitters, we aim to install our aluminium frames to the highest possible quality standard. Each new project that we take on is treated as an entirely new challenge, and we always try to find the best new aluminium windows for each customer’s needs.

Why Use Us?

As accredited window installers with a wide pool of experience and training, we know exactly how to install all types of windows and aluminium frames.

Our 30 years of experience installing windows have given us the skills and tools we need to set up new window designs in homes quickly and flawlessly.

Our competitive pricing comes from our excellent connections to market-leading aluminium window suppliers, in-house installers and a great range of experienced installation staff. We aim to keep each project as affordable as possible for all our customers.

On top of that, we have a long list of different certifications and seals of approval, from famous organisations and groups like CHAS and ConstructionLine to more niche – but no less important – groups.

Whether you choose aluminium windows that are more traditional or a more modern feel with slim lines and a stylish exterior, we have the best windows in store for you.

How Much Do Aluminium Windows Cost?

Most aluminium-based windows cost between £400 to £600 per window, depending on their scale and size.

While this might seem expensive, it also provides more ways to save money on maintenance, cleaning and a wide range of other factors.

Aluminium Window Cost in Hornchurch

While most aluminium windows will cost slightly more than the cheaper options, they can also be more cost-effective in the long run. There is a great range of benefits that can make aluminium windows usually cost less in the long term, but the initial installation price is still important.

The price tends to vary depending on the size, the number of windows, the size of your property, the kind of glazing you want, and any other specifications you might have. Like all window products, the cost can rise and fall with every little change.

The type of glazing for the window pane will also cause costs to change. For example, standard glass, Low E or other coatings can cause prices to vary.

We offer a number of the best aluminium windows in Hornchurch at competitive prices. Please get in touch today for a quote.

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Where are Aluminium Windows Installed?

There is a wide range of properties we can install aluminium windows including:

They are also installed in other places where things like thermal efficiency and low heating bills can make a bigger impact.

Aluminium Shopfronts in Hornchurch

Weather performance windows are ideal for storefronts, providing extra security through five-lever security locks and tougher materials.

They are also harder to break than softwood windows or windows with timber frames and are very low-maintenance overall.

For more information on how to keep your store safe or more details on security testing, please complete our contact form today.

Commercial Aluminium Shop Fronts

One of the most popular uses of aluminium windows is commercial aluminium shop fronts. We offer a range of designs for all commercial properties -ranging from large windows to doors and more.

We work with big commercial companies in Hornchurch like large supermarket stores as well as smaller shops, salons and much more.

For more information on our commercial and household windows, please complete our contact form.

Advantages of Aluminium Windows

We have listed the top advantages below:

Advantages of Aluminium Windows Hornchurch Greater London

Thermally Broken Windows and Doors

When considering aluminium windows, it is important to make certain they are thermally broken windows.

Modern aluminium windows feature thermal breaks to improve the overall energy efficiency of the property. This helps to keep the shop/home warm all year round and keeps energy bills down.

Most aluminium windows will have thermal breaks, but our top tips include making sure of this.

What is a Thermal Break?

A thermal break is an insulation within a frame of a window or door.

The thermal break is placed between the inside and outside frames and is extremely important in the manufacturing stage.

It is recommended to use materials such as fabric or polyamide plastic rather than materials like steel. The thermal conductivity of polyamide is 160x better than steel windows.

We offer windows with high thermal efficiency to meet all your needs and specific requirements!

If you are interested in having aluminium doors or windows with thermal breaks or want to find out more about the thermal performance, please make sure to contact our team today.

Aluminium Doors in Hornchurch

Aluminium doors are just as useful, providing all of the same benefits as aluminium window frames.

A multi-point locking system can help keep things secure and can provide year-round heating management in more extreme weather conditions.

Entrance Doors

Entrance doors can benefit from slim sightlines, meaning that the glass is not reflected back at the other person – letting them see more of your property as they approach to enter.

Aluminium windows and doors can also provide more energy-efficient glazing, maintaining a steady temperature to ensure that everybody is comfortable when they actually enter the property. This can matter a lot for stores and other customer-facing businesses.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium bifolding doors also benefit from slim sightlines, letting them function as aluminium windows when they are closed.

As before, insulation and security are better than with a budget option, making it easier to protect your property and minimize heat loss without losing the style that you want.

Types of Aluminium Windows

We can offer multiple types of aluminium windows in Greater London, many of which provide unique benefits compared to others. All of these aluminium windows are available as needed, and some properties work best with a mixture of window styles.

Types of Aluminium Window Frames Hornchurch

Whether you are looking for turn windows, tilt windows or standard windows, we can help you. The opening options aren’t the only designs you can choose. We help with various specific requirements to create the perfect fit for your doors and windows.

If you wish to get in touch with us regarding replacement windows, whether you require double or triple glazing, please speak to a member of our team today. We offer replacement windows of various types to meet your requirements.

Powder Coated

Powder coated aluminium windows and doors are standard window frames that have been coated with a polyester powder, giving them a nicer finish and far more colour options. This also reduces corrosion, providing better weather resistance and keeping the frame almost maintenance free.

This can be important for businesses or properties dealing with retail and trade customers on a regular basis, but it also suits homeowners who want a slightly nicer window frame.

For more information on powder coated aluminium products, please contact us now for a complete guide.

Slimline Aluminium Windows

Slimline aluminium windows provide smaller sightlines to increase visibility, making the window more suitable as an actual window.

This is mostly for aesthetic reasons, but it can still be important if you want an unobstructed view of an outdoor space.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass is incredibly tough, providing even more strength than adding more glass to a window would. This style of window offers great heat resistance, excellent cold resistance, and much higher physical endurance.

Laminated windows in the range of 6.4mm – 10.8mm can often prevent forced entry to a storefront, making it a great security option. The outstanding quality of our own aluminium windows and doors makes this a great choice for commercial businesses or well-prepared homeowners.

Fire Rated Pyro Glass

Fire-rated pyro glass protects against radiant heat, meaning that fires can’t damage people or property on the other side. This can be important for all kinds of safety and security reasons – and even if it seems like a niche option, it can make a huge difference under the right circumstances.

Tinted Glass Options

Tinted glass can block UV rays, protecting both your furniture and yourself from sunlight damage. It can also have some beneficial effects on a window’s overall maintenance requirements and can even boost how energy-efficient your home becomes once they are installed.

Double Glazed Units

We can offer a range of 24mm or 28mm double-glazed sealed units, which provide additional durability and strength on top of excellent insulation overall. Double glazing improves window strength, and using double glazing also improves energy efficiency.

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are attached to the frame by a hinge. Casement windows can swing open to allow fresh air and natural light in, making aluminium casement windows a great option for a more contemporary feel and style.

Other Additions

We can provide a wide choice of window styles and designs with different benefits and quirks, such as windows with polyamide thermal break for better thermal efficiency or windows using Georgian bars.

Georgian bars see some slight benefits in terms of insulation, but the style of the frame is the biggest difference.

Window Style

If you want a specific style of window, then get in touch with our experts. Style can make a big difference, and an older style may not necessarily work alongside a newer style. Certain window style options might also change the size and thickness of the entire window section.

On top of that, the general style of a window might alter how you use it. Not every window style can open, and some window style choices are not going to work well with curtains or blinds. Try to think ahead when choosing which window style works best for your home.

If you would like to receive even more information on aluminium windows in Hornchurch, make sure you get in touch with us today!

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Manufacturers of Aluminium Windows

There are many manufacturers when it comes to aluminium windows, some more notable than others. The windows we have in stock can include brands like:

Aluminium Windows vs UPVC

While aluminium windows are more expensive than UPVC windows in terms of initial costs, the added robustness of aluminium makes it a much better option than other materials. If you need a window that you need to be sure you can rely on, aluminium is usually the better choice.

Aluminium Windows vs UPVC Hornchurch

UPVC windows have multiple major benefits – UPVC windows are cheaper initially and still fairly strong – but they still have their flaws. For example, UPVC windows can wear out much faster, requiring more frequent maintenance and replacements.

Most windows will have a variety of benefits, but aluminium doors and windows are our recommended product and a very popular choice.

Find out more information on Aluminium vs UPVC windows here.

Aluminium vs Timber Windows

Aluminium windows are generally cheaper than timber windows in Hornchurch. Even when they are not, they can easily break down if left unchecked and require a lot more maintenance.

The only real benefit of timber is the look – something that aluminium windows can mimic thanks to a range of colours and finishes, especially when powdered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium Window Companies London

What are Composite Aluminium Windows?

Composite aluminium windows are standard windows with an outer shell of aluminium.

This provides the benefits of aluminium windows while also retaining some of the characteristics of the original material, often timber.

These can be niche options, but certain combinations can provide more energy efficiency and insulation.

Do I Need Planning Permission for New Windows?

You do not need planning permission to install new windows, as long as they are a similar style.

Major changes that might make a window larger and easier to see through, or allow more light to shine out into another property’s window, might need permission.

Planning Permission for New Windows Hornchurch

Replacing existing windows does not need planning permission, regardless of the window colours or glass type. The only exceptions are traditional homes in conservation areas, which may have extra limits on glass options and frame colours.

How Long Do Aluminium Windows Last?

Good aluminium windows can last over 45 years.

We always aim to choose aluminium windows that will withstand the challenges of your area’s common weather conditions.

How do you Clean Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows can be washed with warm water, mild detergent and or soap.

As the windows and frames are easy-to-clean, this should not damage the RAL colour or glass, although specialist glass types may require more care.

What are the Typical Sizes of Aluminium Windows and Aluminium Window Frames?

The average size of an aluminium window is about 4 feet by 3 feet.

The thickness of the window is about 6-10mm and the frame thickness is about 30 – 60mm.

What Colours Are Aluminium Windows Available In?

Aluminium Windows Colours Greater London

Most aluminium windows are available in 200+ RAL colours, including standard colours like:

In most recent years, there seems to be a higher demand for buying aluminium in grey RAL 7016.

We can meet whatever requirements you might have for colours, ensuring that you get window frame styles that suit your needs. Anthracite grey is often our default choice, but we can easily work with you to change those old windows into any other colour in the RAL system.

The vast majority of clients seem to choose grey windows and black aluminium profile systems, however the colour is entirely up to you.

Can You Repaint Aluminium Windows and Aluminium Frames?

It is possible to repaint existing windows and frames.

We can repaint older windows if you want to re-use the same window materials with a fresh coat of paint.

At Best Aluminium Windows, we can assist you on the best options available. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great aluminium windows.

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Aluminium Windows Product Codes

Aluminium windows use some fairly common product codes, including:

Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

Our aluminium windows follow the normal safety standards, including:


If you are looking for suitable aluminium windows for your home or property, then look no further. Our experts know exactly what they are doing, and we are more than capable of providing whatever window types you need for your home.

Aluminium Window Installation Hornchurch Greater London

We only use the very best quality aluminium profiles in Hornchurch to create our windows and doors.

If you want to find out more about the services we offer, then contact us directly to talk with some of our specialists for further information. We can offer plenty of information about our work and the way that we operate.

Our window options are good-looking and practical in equal measure, and we offer competitive aluminium window prices. The many benefits of aluminium windows come alongside plenty of style, durability, improved energy efficiency and reduced energy bills thanks to our work.

We pride ourselves on offering reliable and durable windows that can be custom-made, soundproof and thermally-broken depending on your individual needs. Contact us today for a quote from our certified team.

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Here are some towns we cover near Hornchurch.

Upminster, Romford, Dagenham, Chadwell Heath, Becontree
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We have used Best Aluminium Windows for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

Jonathan Black
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