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We are a leading provider of aluminium windows and doors in the UK and provide a reliable service every time.

Our company offers the best aluminium windows and doors for both residential and commercial buildings. All our windows are installed to an exceptional quality to ensure longevity on your site, and we offer high-quality products to all our customers.

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Many benefits come from using aluminium windows, and our company works with the top manufacturing companies to ensure the best in energy efficiency, thermal insulation and overall quality.

If you are interested in learning more about our product range or want to hire our installers, please contact our company today.

Slimline Aluminium Casement Windows

We offer a variety of slim sightlines aluminium windows, and doors to our customers, which combine stunning aluminium profiles with maximum functionality. All of our aluminium products are available at competitive prices, and we can supply windows and doors to residential, commercial or other settings to suit your needs.

We have been supplying aluminium windows for decades and understand that our slimline casement windows continue to be the most popular with homeowners across the country. If you are looking for durable style and maximum light within your home, then we have the products for you.

Check out our new aluminium windows product range with models such as:

Schuco Windows

This German manufacturer offers some of the best aluminium windows, which are renowned for their exceptional engineering.

These aluminium turn windows can stand the test of time, offering excellent insulation within the sleek and stylish build that can provide comfort in all weather conditions.

If you want to bring more natural light into the building, aluminium windows should do this, as the Schüco AWS 70 SC has sightlines of 63.5mm, and our installers can offer two forms of glass glazing to suit your requirements.

Reynaers Slimline Windows

The Reynaers Slimline 68 aluminium windows continue to be one of the leading aluminium products we offer, with a slim outer frame and contemporary appearance to suit all kinds of residential properties.

Our installers can provide design modifications with these aluminium windows, all of which continue to meet the same standards the manufacturers are renowned for. Based on the projects where these slimline aluminium windows are being used, there are options between 15mm and 65mm for these turn windows.

This is ideal for opening the room up to more light, which is something this supplier is renowned for.

Smart Systems Heritage Range

The Alitherm range of aluminium windows, featuring the Smart Systems Alitherm 400, continues to be some of the best aluminium windows in the UK. These aluminium windows and doors are suitable for side-hung, top-hung or fixed installation, ensuring they can be used on all kinds of properties.

The slim aluminium profiles of these windows are made to the same quality as traditional steel doors and windows, ensuring your new windows can withstand all kinds of security testing while also being an attractive system to have installed at home.

Due to their several ways of installation, homeowners can work with our installers to create the perfect system for their needs, ensuring every room is warm, light and secure.

Origin OW70

Origin manufactures these leading aluminium windows, which are used on buildings across the UK due to their durable frame. We have a great supply of this window frame across the UK, including in our trade showroom, due to the fact they are a highly reliable system for all kinds of residential or business addresses.

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With the leading manufacturer guarantee, as well as slim sightlines, there are a lot of benefits that can be experienced with these windows.

While there are not as many opening options as other window manufacturers offered in our trade showroom, Origin continues to be one of the most highly supplied companies which can ensure competitive prices.

Air MOD Series Windows

These aluminium products are available in the south of the UK and are part of independent systems. These windows and doors are available in five different versions, suitable for residential and trade projects, and we can supply all forms.

From flush casement to tilt and turn windows, we can supply all kinds of aluminium windows from this manufacturer in our showroom and have our expert installer work on your house.

Aluminium Window Manufacturers

Sliding Sash Window

While it is not as common to see aluminium sliding windows and doors as other types, some companies are attempting to meet customers’ requirements with their ranges. We can supply and install the following types of sliding aluminium windows and doors across the UK:

Smart Systems VS 600

These are commonly used on commercial or trade projects due to the contemporary appearance that these windows can create once installed.

Due to their quality and security, it is common to see these new windows and doors being used outside the residential market, such as in schools, hospitals and care faculties across the UK.

Duration Royale

These are some of the best aluminium windows due to their thin meeting rail, making them suitable for all kinds of environments where traditional timber frames have been used. These aluminium windows and doors combine both traditional and modern features for stunning quality, as well as easy installation on most sites.

In terms of safety, the double tilt and turn windows from this range are highly insulated as well as being easy to clean.

Aluminium Flush Casement Windows

The flush casement appearance of aluminium windows and doors is still relatively new in this industry, but several companies are paving the way for this style.

Air MOD Flush Casement

This range of energy-efficient windows and doors is easy to integrate into most residential properties, offering lasting durability and quality with their aluminium frames.

We are one of the only companies within this trade to continue carrying this range in our trade showroom, offering a variety of Air MOD windows and doors at competitive prices to suit each customer.

Origin OW-80

These are highly attractive aluminium windows that can be used on any kind of building due to the fact it also has a flush appearance on the inside.

This is a customer favourite due to the easy maintenance, as well as the top-quality aluminium framing that can last a long time on both the windows and doors.

Smart Systems Alitherm 500

Available in fixed or opening aluminium windows, these are ideal for residential areas but can also be used by a small commercial customer due to their quality.

These aluminium windows can create a bright interior as the framing is a lot thinner than the original, allowing you to focus on the outside environment.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

We continue to be a leading installer of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, offering a good variety to meet all our customers’ needs.

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We can offer slim double windows or door frames that can support maximum-sized glass panes for an attractive, sleek finish. Floor-to-ceiling windows have a clear focus on the outside environment and natural light.

Reynaers Masterline 8

This is a high-end trade window and door manufacturer that we can install to a high quality. These windows and doors are made to be ultra sleek and modern, creating a luxury touch to any building.

Schuco AWS PD.SI Windows

These are commonly found in contemporary new builds due to their modern appearance with the thin frame as well as the thermal insulation provided.  It is recommended for a potential customer of these aluminium windows and doors to view them first in a showroom.

Seeing the aluminium windows already installed in the showroom gives you a good impression of what you can expect from these and whether they are suitable for you.

Cortizo Cor-70

These fixed windows have a stunning European design that is very popular across the UK, complete with slim framing and great ventilation.

Aluminium Window Brands

The best aluminium windows and doors manufacturers that we have in our showroom are:

We have a commitment to provide a reliable service to all our customers and ensure we are providing the best aluminium windows and doors possible. Our service is available across the UK, and our team is happy to help with all enquiries.

To learn more about our business or these brands, please get in touch with the team today. You can also come to visit our showroom to see the aluminium windows and doors in action.

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Who Makes the Best Aluminium Windows?

Schuco and Reynaers are widely known as being the best aluminium windows.

Both companies offer multiple window solutions and different products to suit your requirements.

Who is the Largest Window Manufacturer in the UK?

The largest window and door manufacturer in the UK is Everest.

aluminium windows FAQ'S

What to Look For When Buying Aluminium Windows?

Top features include style, insulation and security, which can vary with the type of aluminium windows.

Are Aluminium Windows Better than UPVC?

Aluminium windows can offer additional benefits, such as being more durable and cost effective than UPVC.

Standards and Specifications

Relevant Industry standards for aluminium windows include:


We are a leading aluminium windows and doors company in the UK, providing a variety of products from leading manufacturers to suit your needs.

Working with our service can help you find the best aluminium windows and doors for your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our service or the products we provide, please contact the team today. You can also visit our showroom to see what products we provide.

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