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Are you searching for a stylish, strong and energy-efficient window replacement? Look no more than aluminium casement windows.

They offer impressive strength, and lightness, as well as plenty of customization options.

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In this blog post, we will discuss the prices, benefits and types of these versatile frames plus go through what to consider when choosing glass specifications or meeting building regulations.

Last but not least, there are some useful tips about installation maintenance care too!

Investigate how such casement windows can completely refresh your property (from aesthetic look to improved efficiency standards included) with great cost effectiveness if done correctly.

Let’s dive into the costs associated with selecting an appropriate range of aluminium choice which is known to influence price points significantly.

Key Takeaways

Aluminium Casement Window Costs

The price range for aluminium casement windows, such as flush models, varies depending on factors like size dual colour and style.

There are various types of window frames available including top hung, side hung and tilt & turn designs – which all have an effect on the total cost.

Glass types/colours used in conjunction with hardware security options can raise or lower overall prices too.

Aluminium windows tend to be more expensive than uPVC alternatives.

Their superb quality durability makes them a great investment considering the energy efficiency gains they provide over time compared to other material choices – especially when opting for double-glazed panes that prove to be very cost effective solutions.

Aluminium Casement Window Costs

What Factors Affect the Costs?

The pricing of aluminium casement windows may differ according to different factors, including the size and shape of the aluminium frames, the type of glass used, as well as a variety of colour choices.

Custom hues like anthracite grey require an extra cost ranging between 10-15%. Adding hardware items such as locks and hinges will boost up expenses but ensure security.

To flawless functionality making it worth investing. Knowing how each factor affects price when picking out window products for your property helps you make better decisions with assurance about choosing suitable aluminium windows.

Benefits of Aluminium Casement Windows

Window frames made of aluminium are quickly becoming more popular as an alternative to pvc windows.

Our slim casement frame designs offer style grooves along with a wide selection of configurations and optional trickle vents for improved ventilation—all while delivering lightweight yet strong properties that provide excellent energy savings capabilities too.

To make things even better, these window styles can also be easily customized to fit anyone’s needs or décor preferences.

Their dependability means you won’t need another replacement in the near future, making them great long-term investments overall!

All this makes installing casement aluminium windows a clear decision if you’re looking into replacing existing ones at home.

Strength and Lightweight Features

Casement windows are popular among homeowners due to their key features such as security and thermal efficiency.

Aluminium casement window frames, which offer a natural protective coating for increased resistance to impacts, have proven far more robust than other materials like steel or uPVC while being lightweight enough for easy installation.

Plus they can support large glass panes without sacrificing structural integrity. Making them an ideal choice in terms of strength and durability.

Ultimately aluminium windows bring not only enhanced security but also improved energy efficiency too – all whilst providing stunning aesthetic appeal!

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Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of s casement window constructed from aluminium frames is excellent, helping to keep a property’s heat regulated and reducing losses.

Featuring polyamide thermal break in their design, such as those offered by Everest, these window types can last for an average period of up to 45 years without having the need for replacements, conserving both power and resources.

Investing in such windows increases not only the appearance but also improves insulation due to its ability to be double glazed with efficacy ratings soaring at 75%.

As homeowners can expect considerable savings on electricity bills thanks to improved warmth retention, which comes hand-in-hand with opting for aluminium casement style units.

Customisation Options

Aluminium casement made windows are available and provide a wide array of customisation possibilities, including an anthology of frame colours such as white, black and anthracite grey that can be adapted to the style of your window range.

In terms of glass types, there are security/safety glass, acoustic glasses with fire-proof properties, lead options or bullet proof designs along with patterned ones available for you to choose from in order suit your individual needs.

These metal frameworks also offer choice when it comes to hardware.

Handles and locks being provided alongside hinges & stay arms making sure no matter what type of home aesthetic you are working towards each window will support this finish all while equipped with weatherstripping allowing them greater efficiency against cold temperatures.

Types of Aluminium Casement Windows

Homeowners looking for aluminium casement windows have a wide range of options available, and window styles, including top hung, side hung and tilt and turn window types.

We will look at the advantages offered by each type to help you make an informed decision about which one is best suited to your needs.

Top-hung models are popular due to their ease of operation. They only require very light effort when opening or closing them as all pressure lies within the frame itself rather than on its hinges or locks.

Similarly, side-hung varieties also possess this capability, but with additional security thanks to bolt systems located on either end that lock in place once shut properly – ideal if you’re seeking extra safety measures while keeping sound levels low when operating these devices indoors or outdoors alike!

Finally, tilt & turns offer impressive versatility along with plenty of ventilation capabilities too so consider whether this specific feature would be beneficial for your property’s requirements before investing into researching other potential alternatives.

Top Hung Windows

Aluminium casement windows that are hung from the top offer a stylish and modern design with concealed hinges on the side of the frame.

This type of window sash can be opened by pushing down at the top while also pulling outwards towards you at its base, giving it excellent ventilation capabilities.

They come in either single or combined designs with fixed frames for an attractive look as well as added security since only part is moveable when they’re open.

Top hung aluminium casement windows have practical features and great visuals making them perfect for any property!

Side Hung Windows

Side hung aluminium casement windows and doors are renowned for their traditional yet stylish look and offer unbeatable convenience.

Designed with concealed hinges, these windows pivot outwards to ensure maximum ventilation as well as easy access into the property, making them a popular choice amongst both residential and commercial building owners alike.

Constructed from lightweight but hard-wearing materials such as aluminium, side hung windows deliver an effortless operation experience that can fit in perfectly with any type of space or decor style.

Types of Aluminium Casement Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

Aluminium casement windows, which can tilt and turn inwards, are a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

They offer flexibility when it comes to ventilation or cleaning as they have the ability to be opened either from the top downwards (tilt) or from the side (turn).

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This feature also makes them an ideal option if you plan on using your window at a higher level than ground floor.

Their versatility coupled with their attractive design is why homeowners choose these types of windows over other options.

Security Features of Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows boast high-level security features, providing extra protection for your home and its inhabitants.

These window frames are outfitted with built in glazing, multi-point locks as well as lockable door handles – all of which contribute to increased safety measures.

The inner pane on the aluminium casements add an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access into the property.

Windows that have been triple glazed and feature multiple locking points spread any pressure applied across different areas.

Making it more difficult to force them open or destroy them completely, elevating both style appeal and sense of assurance in equal measure!

Comparing Aluminium Casement Windows with Other Window Materials

When looking at the differences between aluminium casement windows and other window materials such as uPVC, aspects like efficiency, cost effectiveness, and durability should be considered.

Aluminium provides a much more reliable choice when it comes to longevity. With top quality frames made from superior-grade metals lasting up to 50 years if correctly installed.

Aluminium is not vulnerable to weather deterioration or warping in contrast to alternatives.

The slight additional expense involved with investing into aluminium can certainly pay off over time due to outstanding quality, its impressive qualities and energy efficiency, which makes them so suitable for use on any property regardless of size or condition of surrounding environment conditions.

By evaluating these features one can make an educated decision regarding selection process during purchase of best suited windows for their residence needs without compromising quality nor having an impact on budgeting limits.

Selecting the Right Glass Specification

The selection of a suitable glass specification for aluminium casement windows must take into consideration various elements, like external noise control and energy efficiency.

Glass forms that can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs include single glazing, double glazing with low-E performance value, laminated glass as well as toughened glass or tinted varieties.

Selecting the Right Glass Specification

By picking the right glass option when selecting these window frames made from aluminium, you will make sure that they reach their full potential in terms of sound reduction window energy rating and power savings.

At the same time meeting all your exact demands for them in its entirety.

Installation and Building Regulations

When it comes to installing aluminium casement windows, adhering to the local building regulations is of utmost importance.

These rules include considerations such as fire safety, ventilation effectiveness and energy efficiency so that overall protection can be achieved.

Make sure you check your local authority’s policies prior to installation in order for these standards to be met properly with confidence.

By ensuring all outer frame installations are compliant according to legislation concerning window frames made from aluminium materials around your area.

Peace-of-mind will remain due to the assurance brought by secure windows embedded into this framework correctly with an aligned outlook towards best practices when it comes down operations involving them solely or partaking any building process relating thereof routinely at hand whenever necessary.

Care and Maintenance

Keeping your casement aluminium windows in good shape is easy with the right maintenance.

Glass should be wiped down around once a month and metal frames need attention every two months for their upkeep, while all movable parts like hinges and locks require silicone-based lubrication at least yearly.

Any potential issues such as chips or cracks on either frame or glass ought to be inspected regularly for early detection of possible damage.

By taking these steps along with periodic cleaning, you can ensure that your flush casement windows stay strong over time!

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Case Studies: Inspiring Aluminium Casement Window Projects

Exlabesa Architecture and other firms have been able to show off the versatility u value of casement aluminium windows in various property types through several projects.

An example is seen when Seekircher successfully restored an old steel window with their own version for a classic building, implying these kinds of frames can still be used within modern designs as well as traditional property.

This serves as evidence that using casement-style windows adds aesthetic value while also benefiting both traditional and contemporary properties alike.


To sum up, aluminium casement windows offer strength and convenience without sacrificing energy efficiency.

With customisable design options including side hung, top hung or tilt and turn varieties of aluminium window frames to choose from – all meeting building regs with the proper glass specification, there is a great range of security features that come along with these windows as well.

By considering costs in relation to the benefits offered by such reliable yet stylish additions for any property, adhering to both installation standards as well as being mindful of maintenance needs should lead you closer to making an educated decision when selecting your ideal set-up!

Alongside its attractive appearance, one can therefore find durable material quality paired with enhanced thermal performance bringing long lasting improvements into one’s home.

Thanks largely in part to aluminium casement Windows’ overall performance capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence the price of aluminium casement windows?

Cost of casement aluminium windows can be determined by factors such as:

Are aluminium casement windows more energy-efficient than other window materials?

For people searching for an energy-efficient type of window, casement aluminium windows are ideal.

These windows boast excellent properties that make them great options when it comes to saving on the amount of energy used in a home or building.

What customisation options are available with aluminium casement windows?

Customising aluminium casement windows is a straightforward process due to the broad selection of frame hues, glass types and hardware choices available.

There’s something for everyone among this wide range of colour options!

Aluminium Casement Windows FAQ'S

How do aluminium casement windows compare in terms of durability and cost to other window materials?

Aluminium windows offer superior longevity when compared to uPVC – with up to 50 years of life span they cost more, yet are worth the investment.

What are the general building regulations pertaining to the installation of aluminium casement windows?

Building regs for the installation of aluminium casement windows must be adhered to, ensuring these elements: fire safety, ventilation requirements, energy efficiency and protection.

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